The family 

from Vrensted

Poul Andrew Pedersen

Paul Andrew Pedersen

Biography Source: Barnes Country History 1976 Page 191.

Paul Andrew Pedersen, oldest son of Anna and Bertel Pedersen, was born November 11, 1906 in Vrenstad, Denmark.

 Poul Andrew Pedersen


In 1907 at the age of 9 months, he came to America with his parents. After living some years at Elkhorn, Iowa, and Brookings, South Dakota, he came with his family to a farm in Barnes County.

At a young age he started to work as a farm laborer for surrounding farmers. He was able to work for others because of the number of younger sons left at home to help his father.

On June 30, 1932, he married Ruth Falstad of rural Kathryn, North Dakota, at Britten, South Dakota. The couple started farming in the fall of 1932 in Green township on the east 14 of section 3, known then as the "A. P. Paulson farm." Two children were born: Dorothy (Mrs. Curtis Torgerson, Clarkfield, Minnesota) and Robert Gerald (rural Valley City).

January, 1939, Ruth Pederson died at the farm home at the early age of 25.

Paul continued farming and on January 27, 1940, he married Synove Farstad (rural Kathryn, North Dakota) at Valley City, North Dakota.

As they continued to farm, Carol (Mrs. Jerome Schlager of Sacramento, California) and Bertel (rural Kathryn, North Dakota) were bom.

In the fall of 1942, they purchased the then known as "the Herb and Annie Tooley" farm; the north Vi of section 14 in Green township.

Now the family was increased with: Pamela (Mrs. Robert Perkins, Recife, Brazil), David (of Mobridge, South Dakota) and Diane (Mrs. Jack Bjerke of rural Valley City, North Dakota).

When they lived here, the children attended Green Consolidated School District 99, and later the elementary and high school affiliated with the Valley City State College.

Earl Falstad, the son of Mrs. Pedersen, now resides at Spokane, Washington.

Paul Pedersen served two terms as supervisor of Green township and is presently on the board of the Ringsaker cemetery.

Mrs. Pedersen presently is secretary of Sons of Norway, Hjemdal Lodge #481.

Being Paul was the oldest son, he was needed at home and was able to attend school only during

the winter months. When spring came, he had to leave school to help with the field work.

When he started farming on his own in 1932, he owned five horses and furrowed his land with a two bottom plow; when he quit farming in 1975, he used a 930 Case with a five bottom plow.

During the winters before 1947 when North Dakota State Highway # 1 was completed directly in front of the Pedersen home, the only transportation to town and to school was by horse and sleigh. The family car had to be left one mile from the house where adequate roads were kept open.

The construction of this road made county transportation and mobility convenient and available.

Today*, Paul and Eva (Synove) still live on the farm in Green Township.

*In 1976