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Niels Lassen Nielsen

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My grandfather Niels Lassen Nielsen was born on the Vestergaard farm in Vrensted in 1869.
As a lot of other young people during that time, Niels Lassen traveled to America in 1895 when he was 26. He traveled to Volga in the Brooking area of South Dakota and lived there for 16 years.

At first he worked in agriculture, later on he was an inn keeper in the town of Volga.
Niels Lassen came home to visit Denmark in 1908. During this visit he lost his license to his saloon in Volga. Back in Volga he was unable to regain his license and so Niels Lassen returned to Vrensted in 1910-11.
Six of Niels Lassen’s siblings also traveled to America and never returned.

Niels Lassen took over the farm on Baadstedhede from his dad Lars Peter Vestergaard.
Niels Lassen had adopted a lifestyle of card games and easy money in America. His language and his “dirty collar” had been tainted by his years in the US.
At first Kristine Filholm was employed as housekeeper and in 1911 they married.
It is here on Baadstedhede that Niels Lassen’s four children are born: Maja, Marie, Paul og Minna.
Niels Lassen’s father, Lars Peter, is living under their roof .
Niels Lassen hands over the farm on Baadstedhede to his daughter and son-in-law, Marie and Hans Peter Jensen.
During his last years, Niels Lassen lived in the small house adjacent to the farm and passed away in 1953.
His widow, my grandmother Kristine, then moved to Broenderslev.