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Saturday in Valley City…

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15-10-2005 …Today is Saturday and we were supposed to go to Minnesota for Diane and Jack’s ” Lakehouse ” there, but the plans were changed. Several things are happening here in the city – including a “Home coming ” parade for the high school baseball team .

Diana picked me up and we were first in her office where I could send mails. Then we were around Valley City and in some stores. We met several of the other family members on the main street. Here began the parade of full music. Most businesses, companies, schools, day care centers and all sports teams had dressed up and decorated vehicles for the parade.

People lined up along the route and the participants threw candy to the children. It is a long parade and much has been done out of the decor.

The parade should give good luck to the local baseball team and advertise the various professions.

Now we have lunch at a small restaurant that Lynn knows. Diana goes to Fargo to look after her grandchildren, so she drives me over to Beth and Gerald. We just sit down and have a cup of coffee together before their daughter, Lynn, and I drive to our lunch deal. It is in a small wooden parcel house and is called ” Another time”. Here, Dorothy and Curtis are waiting for us. It is a special place where not 2 plates are alike. Everything is recycled and old, even the napkins. The food is nice and good.

After lunch, Lynn takes me to Valley City’s local history museum. Here we meet the leader, and when he hears that I am from Denmark and that we are interested, he gives the whole arm to tell and show everything. It’s so exciting that time flies by. Here are many things from the early settlers, where many cultures were mixed. Also many local things from the beginning of Valley City up to now. Here are also fossils from the time that dinosaurs lived. Even Lynn was surprised, as good as a tour we got.

So after this, Lynn would show me an ” Antic Shop”. Here are a lot of ” Antic Shops”. At home, we call it “recycling shops”. Here they are just huge – the size of multi-storey sports halls. Here are great opportunities to buy everything everything between heaven and earth, if you just missing one or another litle thing.

Dorethy has asked if we would like to go for a walk before evening. We pick up Lynn’s dog and meet Dorothy with Eva. We head out to the Chienne River , which runs through Valley City. There are many bridges across the river and here is nice. They show around the local college where both Dorothy and Lynn have gone. We see most of the sights in town and end up eating soup at Eva’s.

The evening is still young, Eva thinks, and suggests that we all visit Axel and Clara. Kl. is 8pm and we drive over to them and greet son Wayne. He is home to join the party tomorrow.

It was late before Eva and I share our beer and got to bed.

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