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Visit to Kirsten in Boise…

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17-10-2005 …To day I fly from Fargo, North Dakota to Denver and from Denver to Boise, Idaho. Here I meet my cousin Kirsten at the airport. We recognize each other right away, even though it is many years since we last saw each other.
Kirsten has her grandson, Kimberly, of 8 years with. We drive home to Kirsten and have dinner with Kimberly and her friend.
We have a lot to talk about, and we agree to go hiking in the mountains the next day.

Boise is a big city, but very green and here are not tall buildings, as in most other big cities. Kirsten has a furniture store and has just started selling Swedish ” Haesten’s beds”. Kirsten shows her business to me, and then we drive up the mountains to Idaho City.

We first visit a cemetery for the first ” settlers “. Many Scandinavian settlers are buried here . The city of Idaho City itself is a nice cowboy town, as we see it in many movies. Here are wooden sidewalks and old shops.

We have lunch here – a real cowboy burger, which probably weighs a whole kilo.

The trip through the mountains is very beautiful and we see rivers with large dams.

Back in town again, we visit a great shopping mall, Wall Mart. The evening goes on to talk about the family in Denmark and our lives each.

19-10-2005 …
It’s Wednesday and the last day in Boise. Kirsten has made coffee, but breakfast we eat out. We eat a typical American breakfast with pancakes and all. We take a look at the city, and so it is

it’s time to run at the airport again. We hope to see you next year for an event. cousin / cousin party in Vrensted i

The trip now goes to Seattle and from Seattle to Eugene, Oregon, where Tim waits.

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